Dr. Cynthia Hermann - Town Council, Place 4



I was recently appointed to Argyle Town Council Place 4 after the resignation of former Councilmember Todd Mankin, and I am honored to fill out his term. I am also excited to announce that I am seeking election for Place 4 in the upcoming May election.  I strongly believe in continuing the work being done by our current Council and would love to contribute over the next two years. 

Local politics is never something I ever thought I would be interested in, but over the last four to five years, I decided it was time to be more involved in what was happening in my community. I started gradually – attending P&Z meetings and council meetings. During that time, I had the opportunity to meet other wonderful citizens who were just as concerned and I was inspired to do more. When asked, I jumped at the chance to serve on the committee to help develop Argyle’s Vision Statement and Guiding Principles. I am proud of that work and believe they both truly capture what Argyle is all about. This past fall, I was appointed by our current Council to the Planning & Zoning Commission. Even though my time on P&Z was limited, I learned a lot from that opportunity and know it will serve me well in the future as a Councilmember. 

I am running for election because I truly believe in Argyle and am invested in its future – not only for my own sake but for all the people who call Argyle home.  I believe in intentional growth for Argyle. There is no denying that growth and development are coming – in fact, it is already here. What I would like to see is businesses and commercial developments that will have a positive impact on the town and its citizens and a limit to high density residential developments. I am looking forward to building positive relationships with developers who respect the wishes of our community in regards to the overall vision we have for Argyle. 

I am a proponent of fiscal responsibility. By bringing in more commercial development, the goal is to shift some of the tax burden from our citizens to businesses. With guidance from the Economic Development Corporation, we need to be working to bring in the right kinds of businesses that can help increase tax revenue and use that money wisely to make improvements to our infrastructure to support all the growth happening all around us, including those areas outside of our jurisdiction. 

Lastly, I believe in the preservation of all things that make Argyle unique. This includes preserving our natural resources like trees and open spaces. It also means taking steps to maintain the charming, unique character of our little town and the way of life we all moved here to enjoy. I have been inspired by the work being done by our current Council and have seen many positive changes. I want to be a part of that change and work towards our common goal of making Argyle the best place to live in Texas!


I was born and raised in South Texas. My parents still live in Corpus Christi and I go back to visit but not as often as I would like. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Shortly after graduation from college, I was accepted to Texas Tech School of Medicine in Lubbock. I was so excited! Being a doctor was all I ever wanted to be since I was a child and I was finally starting that journey. Little did I know that I would meet my husband, Bruce, during the first week of orientation twenty years ago - we have been together ever since! 

After medical school, we moved to Louisville, Kentucky for our residencies. I started the OB/GYN program there and he entered General Surgery and eventually would go on to specialize in Plastic Surgery. While Bruce was finishing up his fellowship, I joined a very busy practice in Southern Indiana and throughout several years delivered hundreds of babies. It was very fulfilling but also very demanding and did not allow for an equal work-life balance.  Although we loved our time in Kentucky, we always knew we wanted to come home to Texas. Being from Lewisville, Bruce started looking at areas in the Metroplex for his new practice. Denton seemed like a great option. 

In 2009, we came to DFW to look for our new home. Since we were in the area, we decided to take a trip to Bruce’s alma mater, Liberty Christian School, to check out the new campus. When he graduated from Liberty, it was in Denton. We were beyond impressed with their new facility. What impressed us even more was where it was located – Argyle. As we drove around various neighborhoods, horse farms and pastures, we knew we had found our new home. We found the perfect house for us, packed our things and left Kentucky on a snowy afternoon in January 2010 to begin the next chapter of our adventure. 

After leaving such a busy practice, I knew I was looking for a different type of medical practice that would allow more balance in my life. Luckily I found such a position and started working at the University of North Texas Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) in the fall of 2011. The SHWC is the on-campus doctor’s office for UNT students. I love working with the students and educating them about ways to stay healthy so they can stay enrolled and graduate. I was promoted to the Director of Clinical Services in 2015. This has been such a wonderful opportunity and allows me to continue to see patients every day but also work to make sure the clinic runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. One of the things I quickly realized was that medical school did not prepare me to run a business (which is what you are doing in any medical practice). I decided to further my education and received my MBA in Strategic Management from UNT in 2017. Going back to school while working full time and having a busy family with two active kiddos was not easy but I am glad I did it. I use the information I learned in those classes daily, both inside and outside work. 

My husband Bruce has a successful Plastic Surgery practice in Denton and between the two of us, we stay very busy. When we aren’t working, we enjoy traveling, listening to live music of all kinds and trying out the latest and greatest foodie experiences in the Metroplex. We are also members of a local chapter of the American Wine Society where we meet monthly to learn about wines from all over the world. I also love to work in the yard and garden. Unfortunately, Bruce does not share my passion for that hobby. 

We are blessed with two awesome kids. Our son, Major, is 14 and in the 8th grade at Liberty Christian School (LCS). This is the first year he hasn’t played ice hockey but has found a passion for other sports at school where he does cross country, wrestling and track. He is also working diligently on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. He has a way to go, but I have no doubt he will succeed. Danica is 8 and in 2nd grade at LCS. She is well on her way to becoming a great goalie on her youth soccer team. She also recently started guitar lessons here in Argyle and putting the present Santa left her to good use. Oh – did I mention they both love video games? There have been some pretty intense Mario Kart battles between the four of us on Family Fun Game Night!

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