rick bradford - town council, place 5



I currently have the honor and privilege of serving the citizens of Argyle as Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission. I'm in my third year of service, and I’ve learned a lot during that time. My approach has been to thoroughly research each item, ask questions, facilitate an active conversation, and then objectively & fairly cast my vote based on the merits of the case, not on the individual(s) presenting it.

I decided to run for Town Council, Place 5 based on the following beliefs:

  1. Argyle should follow a citizen-driven, developer-friendly approach to development. This requires transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility. It also requires collaboration between the Town of Argyle and all developers. I’ve always been a major supporter of PACE, the Program for Argyle Community Engagement (https://www.argyletx.com/245/PACE), which provides the ideal forum for developers to share project plans and gain public buy-in prior to going before P&Z or Town Council. It’s a voluntary program today, and I feel it’s in the best interest of all involved for all major projects to go through the PACE process.
  2. I  believe in smart planning and managed growth based on a variety of factors such as the Town's Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan, Development Standards, Current & Future Land Use Plans, Ordinances, etc. - all in concert with the true voice of Argyle's citizens rather than those pushing fake news and self-serving agendas. We are at a pivotal time in Argyle's growth, and we need to get it right the first time. Let's continue to grow, especially on the commercial side, but let’s do it responsibly and intentionally. Much larger cities in Texas have maintained their "rural charm", and we can too.
  3. We should embrace responsible development that preserves Argyle’s beautiful tree canopy and natural surroundings. I led a discussion at the Oct. 2, 2018 regular meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission on enhancing the Town’s Tree Preservation Ordinance, and I recommended pursuing “Tree City USA” and other similar designations to reinforce our dedication to preserve Argyle’s natural resources and beauty. In July 2019, Argyle earned “Scenic City” (Silver) certification for the first time ever. 
  4. I stand for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability. Any citizen should be able to read and understand the Town's financial reports including where the money comes from, where it's being held, and how it's being used. When half a million dollars can simply be slipped from one fund to another and be earmarked for a new Town Hall that isn’t even needed, that's a problem. 
  5. Infrastructure must become a priority. Roads in Argyle have been and continue to be some of the worst in the region. Taxpayer dollars are wasted repeatedly patching roads that were poorly built in the first place. The bid process must be managed better, and contractors awarded business must be held accountable to deliver quality work on time and on (or under) budget.
  6. Speaking of infrastructure, it’s important to note that Argyle's school district is roughly twice as big as the actual Town of Argyle. As surrounding areas continue to grow and enrollment in AISD continues to boom, our roadways and infrastructure are quickly becoming outdated and overburdened. The Town of Argyle and AISD must work together and do a better job of communicating, collaborating, and planning for the future

Thank you for the opportunity to continue serving you, and I appreciate your vote for Town Council, Place 5. 


My family and I have lived in Argyle for nearly a decade, and we love being here. Prior to Argyle, we lived in the mid-cities area (Euless). It started out nice, but after 13 years, massive growth combined with poor planning turned it into just another overcrowded, congested city. We were ready for a change, and with our daughter Morgan getting ready to enter elementary school, my wife Sharon and I set out to find a better place to raise our family. Each time we went out looking at homes, we found ourselves driving farther and farther North. We were interested in Argyle from Sharon's research on top-performing school districts, and Hilltop Elementary didn't disappoint, but we immediately fell in love with the Town's beautiful mature trees, open spaces, and small-town charm. 

Our first year in Argyle was amazing! I can still remember Morgan going through "kindergarten roundup" and quickly realizing what wonderful, kind and talented teachers bless the halls of our schools. We all made a lot of friends and became part of the community in no time at all.

I can also remember going to my first Town Council meeting in late 2010 to learn about future development projects, and it was a very different experience. Whereas AISD was incredibly open, welcoming and promoted "kind hearts" and children first, Town leadership seemed almost the opposite. There seemed to be little transparency, accountability, or consideration for what the citizens wanted. 

As a result, I began attending Town meetings regularly and learning as much as I could about the workings of local government. Then in 2017, I applied and was appointed to the Planning & Zoning Commission by a unanimous vote of the Town Council. I continue to serve on P&Z today, and I'm honored to have been elected Chairman once again going into my 2nd term.

My work experience includes 28+ years of healthcare-related sales and consulting, mostly in the IT space. I am currently a sales executive for PTI, a company created from years of clinical research and dedicated to improving the health of our communities. My wife Sharon works for the State of Texas as a certified jobs skills trainer helping intellectually challenged adults gain employment in a job of their own choosing. We’ve both been actively volunteering and serving our community and AISD for many years, most recently as BAI-certified archery coaches. It has been an honor teaching archery to our young students participating in the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP). Go Eagles!